About Us

About Us

At our core, we are a technology-driven marketing group with an 18-year track record of helping organizations exceed their Marketing, HR, and Sustainability objectives by leveraging brand merchandise technology and interactive, AI-Enhanced educational experiences. We have helped Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and charitable organizations meet their toughest marketing challenges by assisting them to communicate through transformative interactive technology to ensure consumers and employees remain engaged with their brand and message.

Purpose Driven

We are a socially conscious organization committed to helping our partners reach their sustainability and community outreach goals through programs that connect their brand to environmentally friendly and social equity causes that are inspirational and create a measurable environmental impact.

While we work to exceed our client's outreach and branding goals, we also strive to ensure that every product delivered is sourced responsibly, ethically, and of the utmost quality, free of contaminants.


Our Mission

The increasing speed of new technologies continues to bring new challenges for marketers to cut through the media noise of distractions and keep their brand top-of-mind for consumers. The ever-changing marketing landscape is no longer fast-paced but hyper-paced, with many organizations struggling to catch up and stay competitive.

The Blue Chip team is dedicated to helping organizations navigate new marketing environments by leveraging emerging branding technologies that keep up with the latest trends for a direct, positive brand experience for consumers and employees.

18-Years Delivering Award-Winning Communications Innovations